Tea Time

In India tea is much more than a drink: it is an experience steeped in history, rich with tradition and filled with health benefits. “Tea Time" is serious business right from starting the day by making our own Masala Chai tea (infused with spices, fresh ginger, cardamom, milk and sugar) to “afternoon tea” which allows us that “much needed” break to take it slow – similar to a siesta in many other countries. The first part of my Indian journey, Mumbai, involved a lot of eating and shopping! After having my senses assaulted it was lovely to go back to a cozy bed to nap and awaken to sweet aromas and flavors. Then, on to sharing the stories of the day while enjoying a nice cup of tea with others was an incredibly pleasant experience.

The pace of life in the 21st Century is one of fast food, fast travel, fast work, fast style - all impacted by advanced technology. The slowed down lifestyle has been damaged by our fast paced culture and this fast paced culture does not seem to make us more productive or happy. Did you know there is a whole movement on being slow? A slow life philosophy promoted by slowmovement.com stands for sustainable, local, organic, wholesome and is inspired by fun and life experiences.

Finally, the end of my journey took me through Kerala, a Southwest Indian State known as "God's Own Country." Kerala is a gorgeous tropical area renowned for its backwaters, white sandy beaches, lush vegetation, abundant coconut palms, and the availability of Ayurvedic healing therapies. The sweet people of Kerala, known as Keralites, have a lifestyle that is uncomplicated and they seem happy and content with the simple pleasures of life and a slow pace. I enjoyed a day trip to Munnar, which was quite a unique experience. One of the most popular hill stations in India, Munnar, is breathtakingly beautiful - a haven of peace and tranquility. Visiting Munnar, I now understand why they call Kerala “God's Own Country”. There are sprawling tea plantations, picture-book towns, winding lanes, and rolling hills of lush greenery. Munnar is essentially a tea town. The tea plantations have now been taken over by the Tata Tea Company. As a visitor you are greeted with miles and miles of unending tea plantations upon entry into Munnar and the aroma is heavenly.

Spending time in India, enjoying the simple pleasures such as sipping tea, hiking and seeing beautiful landscapes was an amazing life experience that I will always cherish. Living life, rather than rushing through it, and being in the moment are my lessons to remember. I would love for you to share a comment on a simple pleasure that has inspired you recently!

Love, Light & Happy TeaTime,