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Facials & Peels

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What is the difference between Facials and Peels?

Facials are performance-driven and designed to instantly lift, contour and brighten the face; fill in fine lines and wrinkles; calm redness; and heal blemishes. Only clinical-strength products based on active organic botanicals (free from chemicals and no artificial ingredients) are used. You will leave restored, balanced and energized, lit from within and truly radiant.

Peels are corrective and use a blend of advanced ingredients to increase cell turnover, encourage the shedding of dead skin cells and reveal fresh, healthy skin. With little-to-no-downtime, these specialized treatments can improve challenging conditions like acne, scarring, discoloration/pigmentation and even rosacea. Dramatic results await without the irritation and recovery time of traditional chemical peels.

Full treatment menu listed below.

My skin and I couldn’t be happier. She cuts through the riff raff, gives you only what you need, while also offering you state-of-the-art methods. She will be my facialist for life!

Treatment Overview


The Discovery

$230+ / All Skin Conditions

New clients book this! An initial consultation will give us the time it takes to discuss all your skin concerns and allow me to draw from my comprehensive teachings to plan your ideal customized regimen. I will piece together the clues that include whatever symptoms you have plus all the interrelated lifestyle factors—diet, stressors, sleep habits, relationships—that affect your skin and wellbeing. Please allow 1hour 45 min.

Add-on Suggestions:

  • Custom Mask

  • Oxygen Stem Cell Infusion


The Glow Up

$395+ / All Skin Conditions

This is the perfect choice when seeking a monthly customized treatment that goes beyond a regular facial. In this treatment, I pull out the bells and whistles from all my modalities, equipment and products to carefully calibrate the ultimate aesthetic session that delivers the “glow up” that’s right for you. The gentle relaxation of a luxury spa facial is combined with the science and technical precision of an advanced aesthetic treatment. Please allow 2 hours!

Add-On Suggestions:

  • Dermaplaning

  • Diamond Dermabrasion

  • Eye/Neck Correctives


The Essence

$285+ / Mature, Pre-Mature Aging, Hormonal Changes (Peri-menopause, Menopause, Pregnancy, Post-partum, IVF)

Bring your skin full circle and repair to reveal a more vibrant, younger-looking complexion. Incorporating traditional Japanese massage and the culture’s ancient beauty wisdom, this customized treatment augments the skin’s natural defenses to help retain moisture and barrier function. It also balances and replenishes the skin with fresh collagen, Vitamin C and a combination of protein enzymes that delivers a burst of antioxidant protection to combat skin fatigue, address hyper-pigmentation and naturally target skin’s hormonal imbalances. The result is greater hydration and reduced bacteria build-up. The skin emerges soft, hydrated, firm, lifted  and rejuvenated, with a youthful glow. For younger skin showing signs of premature aging, this can aid in repairing and slowing down the process by extending cell vitality.

Add-on Suggestions:

  • 24k Gold Therapy

  • Dermaplaning

  • Zone Specific - Eyes/Neck Attunement

  • Oxygen Stem Cell Infusion


The Porefector

$185+ / Oily and Enlarged Pores

This deep-cleansing maintenance facial uses a precise combination of pure enzymes and detoxifying herbal extracts to dramatically reduce sebum (oil) production and restore clarity to congested, impure skin. It also reduces inflammation and helps to accelerate the healing process of breakouts without any irritation. Emerge hydrated and cleansed without having your skin compromised. Not available to first-time clients.

Add-on Suggestions:

  • Jessner Peel

  • Blue Light Therapy

  • Aloe / Algae Custom Mask

  • MLD ( Manual Lymph Drainage)


The Universal

$275+ / All Skin Conditions 

Welcome to a holistic experience of rituals like no other that will leave you feeling healed, transported and glowing from the inside out. I begin with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), a specialized advanced massage technique that gently pumps stagnant lymph fluid from the tissues and forces replacement with fresh lymphatic fluid. A variety of massage treatments are included with the use of different tools which gently aid the skin to increase blood circulation and heal the skin and body. Followed by multi facial-reflexology that treats minor pains and skin disorders, intolerances and chronic inflammation—a revolutionary method that is especially suited to the transformative times in which we are living…read more.


The Acne Dynamic (Phototherapy)

$240+ / All Skin Conditions

Acne light therapy is a power boost to treating and healing resistant acne. I use BLUE LED  wavelengths of light to kill acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) that lives on the skin’s surface and causes breakouts and RED LED light to heal and reduce inflammation. A deep cleansing and medicated treatment is applied to thoroughly allow all actives that reduce acne and shrink the sebaceous (oil) glands to incubate and start their healing action. Beneficial for sensitive skin conditions showing signs of rosacea and dermatitis, where alternate light solutions are utilized.


The Gentleman

$185+ / All Skin Conditions

Customized to address a range of skin concerns, from excess oil, shaving-related irritation, breakouts, beard growth and visible signs of aging. Facials for men are designed to instantly lift and brighten the face, fill in fine lines and wrinkles, calm redness and heal blemishes. I transport you to a calm state so you can recover from the stress of daily life leaving you feeling restored, balanced and energized. You will be amazed by the instantly visible results! All Advanced Aesthetic treatments can be performed on men, too, of course!

Add-on Suggestions:

  • Eye Correctives -Dark Circles/Wrinkles

  • Hair Removal Grooming

  • Custom Masks


Corrective Peels (Level 1-3)

$120 - $350 / All Skin Conditions 

A blend of advanced ingredients increases cell turnover, encourages the shedding of dead skin cells and reveals fresh, healthy skin. With little to no downtime, these specialized treatments can improve challenging conditions like acne, scarring, discoloration/pigmentation, aging concerns and even rosacea. Known as metabolic peeling, this resurfacing achieves dramatic results without the irritation and recovery time of traditional chemical peels. No need to get alarmed by the word “peel” anymore! Some peels may be combined with a facial or booked as a stand-alone treatment/series.

Different percentage and blend options help you achieve your desired outcome.  

  • Lactic Acid

  • Salicylic Acid

  • Jessner

  • Mandelic Acid

  • Azaleic Acid



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