Astrological Insights for October: Beauty in the Harvest

Astrologer and writer Judi Vitale has had her eye on the sky for most of her life. Partnering with Fábula she brings you Astrological insights into wellness.

Hello, Everyone! We’ve made it through September and all the ups, downs pushes and pulls of Saturn and Uranus, now we can look forward to more positive energies during the month of harvest celebrations, chillier weather and, of course, Halloween! People become cheerful during October, maybe because it seems so wonderful to dig out the jackets and other warmer clothing that make us feel cuddly-cozy. Now that Mercury Retrograde over, it’s going to be easy to push through those projects and ideas you had so much trouble getting off the ground before. By the way, do you have a funny or amusing Mercury Retrograde story? How did this little-but-mighty planet affect your ability to communicate? From broken-down disk drives to cars that just wouldn’t start – I’ve heard more than a few. I think the funniest one I heard came from a friend who, while suffering from food poisoning, tried to take a quick cab ride home. In an attempt to avoid soiling the cab with the obvious results of her ailment, her BlackBerry got caught in the “line of fire” and… with soaked circuits, it became impossible for it to function any further. With the help of a handy insurance policy, all was well within a few days, including her tummy. Even when it comes to this bothering condition we know as Mercury retrograde, all’s well that ends well!

Now, on to October…The beauty-centered influence of the Libra Moon will paint the trees all sorts of beautiful colors, and you may want to do something to enhance your own cosmetic color palette, too. Natural tones that enhance your good looks, just as they do with the trees, will make you look bright and cheerful. After the 23rd, the Sun will move into Scorpio, and the spirit of fall will hold no more hints of summer! The deep and intense energy of this time is meant for taking all the good things that are left after the harvest and considering the potential for new life to emerge from it. You can take this to mean that those things that have outlived their usefulness will pass away – and you’ll be ready for that. Jupiter will come out of its retrograde period on the 13th, allowing you to feel optimistic about some projects you are working on, from work assignments to love affairs. And, there is no doubt that, by the time the month is over, you’ll notice all kinds of things lifting from your life – because there will be one huge change in the planetary lineup.

Saturn will move from Virgo to Libra on October 29th. Saturn is the mean teacher of the solar system, and now those of us with Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer energies will be especially aware of Saturn’s harsh side. People with Gemini and Aquarius in their astrology, on the other hand, will feel a welcome hand of structure helping to steer the ship of life. You would have to consult a professional astrologer to detect specifically how you can best take advantage of or learn from Saturn’s lessons – but in any event, everyone will feel the change. It can affect your personal relationship, financial social and family life, depending on how Saturn interacts with your personal astrology chart.

The Harvest Moon will be out on October 4th – enjoy the fruits of your labors, including some surprises. The unpredictable planet Uranus will insist on being heavily involved on all the goings on around that time. On the 17th and 18th, a New Moon in Libra will be excellent for planning out the beauty routine that will help your skin and body make the transition into winter. Replenish moisture and guard against those harsh, cold temperatures! That way, you’ll be ready for anything and everything the planets decide to put on your plate.

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