An Attitude of Gratitude


"Gratitude can turn common days into thanksgiving, routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings".... 

Yes, it can. It's amazing how a little shift in perception and  attitude can really make all the difference in a day. The holidays since my father's passing is always difficult so I wanted to set an intention for the day and decided to meditate (like I do most days).  It felt like a good time to reflect on endings and beginnings this  Thanksgiving and with the rest of the holidays and end of year fast approaching an attitude of gratitude was the perfect mantra. I used some of my crystals for support to bring me into a higher energy and vibration. Meditation often opens the way for journeying or visions and may include visual sensations.  Meditating with crystals is to use crystals to enhance, deepen or in some other way assist with the meditation. 

  • Citrine: a powerful opener of the higher mind and purifier of one's will center. Inviting in joy and happiness.

  • Tigers Eye: a stone for the mind. Very grounding and calming brings in clear thinking and insight. A good choice to use while meditating as it helps you to calm your emotions and mind so you can enter a meditative state.

  • Spirit Quartz: this crystal is pure magic and opens, activates, balances and harmonizes the crown chakra, allowing one to connect fully with divine wisdoms.

 Happy Thanksgiving!