Faith Lamellar Mode White Powder

Faith Lamellar Mode White Powder


A powder-to-liquid dark spot corrector and brightener.


Experience a touch of alchemy with this breakthrough spot corrector as it transforms from soft powder to luxurious liquid with a gentle touch. Enhanced by a potent Vitamin C , the treatment reduces dark spots, acne scars and dull areas to leave skin bright and luminous. The formula also tightens pores, promotes collagen production and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

3 g x 4 bottles

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MORUS ALBA ROOT EXTRACT — A mulberry root extract that brightens, evens overall skin tone and prevents inflammation.

HYALURONIC ACID — Radically boosts skin’s hydration by replenishing and protecting its moisture content.

VITAMIN C DERIVATIVE — Accelerates collagen production, brightens skin and acts as an antioxidant.

ROSEMARY LEAF EXTRACT — An anti-inflammatory plant extract rich in antioxidants.


Following Faith HYDRATING TONIC, pour a nickel-sized amount into your palm. Gently use the fingertips to scoop the powder and smooth it onto the skin — taking care to avoid the eyes. (If using on a few spots, scoop out less.) The powder instantly becomes a liquid when pressed. Let dry for a few minutes before continuing with your skincare routine. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight, heat or cold (lower than 32˚F). Refrain from shaking or dropping the container because the force may cause the powder to liquify slightly and to form small lumps. If this happens, only the texture — and not the efficiency — will be affected.