Faith Lamellar Mode Spots Off

Faith Lamellar Mode Spots Off


Zap zits in a flash! Pimples have a way of popping up when least expected. You can now say goodbye to pesky blemishes with this active spot treatment and protection mask for acne. The wasabi and clay ingredients in the treatment will keep your skin healthy help heal individual pimples fast with no irritation.

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How to use:

Amount for use: enough to cover up the concerned area. Before going to bed take an adequate amount on your fingertip and gently apply to the concerned areas. Wait for about 1 hour until it is completely hardened. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water the next morning. Wake up blemish free!


Water, kaolin, BG, illite, cellulose gum, pentylene glycol, clay, mica, montmorillonite, water-soluble collagen, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolysed elastin, licorice root extract, yellow leaf bark extract, persimmon leaf extract, Achillea nutensis Flower extract, Clematis leaf extract, Hinokitiol, Choji extract, Sugina extract, Hibamata extract, (Chlorophyllin / Copper) complex, Lilium japonica leaf / stem extract