Cosmedix C.P.R. Skin Recovery Serum

Cosmedix C.P.R. Skin Recovery Serum


C.P.R. Skin Recovery Serum calms and restores irritated and inflamed skin!

Packed with a concentrated blend of nature’s most potent restorative ingredients, C.P.R by CosMedix infuses the skin with the nutrients it needs to kick start recovery. Whether recovering form post-procedure irritation or chronic inflammation (i.e. rosacea), C.P.R. helps skin make a total turnaround. And because scientists have linked inflammation to premature aging (inflammaging), this recovery serum is also the ideal defense against wrinkles, brown spots and loss of elasticity.

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Key Ingredients:

  • Blue Agave – Used for centuries by the Aztecs fro minor wounds, blue agave has since been found to have a calming, restorative effect with an abundance of free radical-fighting antioxidants.

  • Arnica – This natural ingredient is especially effective at minimizing the appearance of redness and sensitivity following minor burns, irritation and aggressive exfoliation.

  • Tamanu Oil – Used for generations by the Melanesian people of the South Pacific, tamanu oil (obtained from the fruit of the tamanu tree) has been shown to help soothe inflamed skin and condition it with a trio of lipids.

  • L-Bisabolol and Azulene – These botanical derivatives are prized for their ability to calm and replenish stressed skin.

  • Green Tea – This well-known extract is an antioxidant powerhouse, making it a potent weapon in the fight against premature aging.

  • Totarol – Obtained from New Zealand’s famed totara tree, totarol is a multi-beneficial compound shown to help combat visible irratitation and clarify irritable, extra-sensitive skin.

  • Vitamins E and C – These key vitamins help nourish and restore a healthy looking complexion while protecting it from the external threats it faces daily.