From the very first days of my business, I have only partnered with companies that prioritize purity and quality. I always make sure to use each product so I can personally verify its merits. No matter how positive the message, how pure the ingredients or how pretty the packaging, the proof ultimately lies in performance.

It’s a privilege to be a trusted resource. I’m here to keep you informed and supplied with the highest quality, healthiest and most effective options available to keep you feeling, looking and aging your very best.



Faith Cosmetics Ambassador

I’m excited to be the Global Beauty Ambassador for this Japanese company, bringing their innovative technology and ultra-pure formulations to the U.S. I’m also representing their medical grade line, so doctors and medi-spas are invited to contact me directly with the subject line “CLAUDIA X FAITHLAB” for more information.

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New U Life

Empower yourself to look and feel younger with one incredible company and two amazing products. Formulated with innovative, cutting-edge ingredients that are backed by science and proven to turn back the clock. A homeopathic HGH boosting gel with over 40 benefits and a ketone drink loaded with some of the best medicinal mushrooms and Ayurvedic adaptogens. Both products have superb health supporting benefits and age-defying results. Buy Now and learn more.




Spirulina + algae is your answer for raw energy and optimized health. For on-the-go health and beauty, these tablets use the highest quality strains of spirulina and chlorella. They will stop your cravings, improve your focus and give you a steady stream of energy throughout the day.

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3-in-1 cleansing, massaging and anti-aging skincare device. It adds many benefits to your cleansing routine and skin regimen.

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All-in-one full body mats (five therapies in one) to promote healing solutions that bring you back into a pain-free and healthy state of mind and body.



Sleep & Glow

An anti-aging pillow that really works! Never wake up with morning puffiness or sleep wrinkles again. Helps improve the quality of your sleep and posture all night long.

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E3 Live All-Organic Superfood

E3 provides quality, nutrient-dense organic superfood, aqua-botanical supplements for those seeking whole-body protection and vitality to lead a pro-actively healthy lifestyle with improved longevity.